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Attention All Affiliates. At Last You Can Put An End To Those Plug Ugly Affiliate Links That Destroy Your Selling Credibility And Cost You Thousands Of Dollars In Lost Sales!

And If You Have Had Enough Of Having Your Affiliate Earnings Stolen By Crooks And Thieves Now You Can Stop Them Dead In Their Tracks!

Announcing Affiliate Cloner - Five Power Packed Weapons For Your Affiliate Armory That Will Guarantee You Maximize Your Affiliate Earnings.

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Dear Affiliate Program Participant

With more and more people reaping the benefits of making money from affiliate programs there is one sure and certain fact - In order to maximize the full money earning potential of this lucrative earner you have to ensure that your affiliate campaign is focused, state of the art and packed to the rafters with money making innovations.

There are many successful affiliates, and I sincerely hope you are one of them, but the most successful, the top earners, some of whom make over $15,000 monthly from Affiliate Programs are those that go the extra mile to stay one step ahead of the affiliate pack.

And now, at last, you have the opportunity to become one of those top earners as this Brand New Software allows you to stand out from the crowd of other affiliates by utilizing the Five powerful weapons that Affiliate Cloner gives you to dramatically increase your affiliate earnings.

But before you click on the order button and start to take advantage of these five powerful weapons let me tell you more about Affiliate Cloner, a brand new and valuable Affiliate utility, that you can use to increase and safeguard your Affiliate earnings.

There are three questions which affiliates continually ask me.

  • How do I protect my affiliate Url
  • How do I link to an order page
  • How do I link to a specific product page

At last I can now point them to one software tool which solves all these problems. I'm delighted to recommend David's outstanding product at my site.

And it's so easy to use - you don't even need to copy and paste any code.

It's a must buy for any affiliate.

Harvey Segal
The ClickBank Guide

With Affiliate Cloner you can:

Make your affiliate link short, sweet and "make more money" friendly.
Stop dead in their tracks the Affiliate Link Hijackers who want to steal your hard earned commission and make sure you keep every dollar you earn.
Let buyers order direct from your email to dramatically increase your selling options.
Put an instant end to the great product, rubbish sales page scenario and make more sales by using your own money generating sales page.
Send your buyers to any page on a site and maximize your profit potential.


"This is definitely a unique and top-of-the-line cloaking product.

Having tried just about every affiliate link protection program out there,
this beats them all by far!"

Diane Hughes


Affiliate Weapon 1

It's a proven fact. If your affiliate link is short, simple, and easy to remember then you will get more visitors to click on it. And, because of this you will make more sales. Now the good news is that at last the software to allow you to do just this is available. Affiliate Cloner hides the Affiliate link so that instead of :


you can use links like:


and get more clicks and more sales!

Affiliate Weapon 2

Today thieves and robbers are everywhere, even on the Internet. And yet it is a sad and sorry fact that many Affiliates do nothing to protect themselves from the Affiliate Link Hijackers who want to steal your hard earned commission. If you wanted to protect your home you'd get a burglar alarm fitted or get a guard dog, right. Well now you have the opportunity to easily and quickly fit your own Internet Affiliate security system.

Affiliate Cloner is your own Affiliate Link Guard Dog that will stop your hard earned Affiliate commissions from being stolen. Instead of using links like :


you can redirect your visitor to links like:


If they can't see your affiliate link they can't change it to their own and take your commission! And they can't take out your affiliate link and deny you your commission either!

No one can guarantee that your link will be 100% protected and any one who says that it can is misleading you. What is true is that Affiliate Cloner makes it almost impossible for anyone to do this.

Affiliate Weapon 3

You've written, or got your hands on, a "killer" sales article. It's almost guaranteed that when it's read the reader will want to rush ahead and order the product.

If you've already convinced someone to buy you don't want them to be distracted by going to visit a web site, you'd prefer them to go direct to an Order Page.

Well here's another money making Affiliate Weapon. Affiliate Cloner lets you put your Affiliate link into an email so that the buyer can just click on the link and be sent direct to the products order page. And you still get your Affiliate money.

Affiliate Weapon 4

If only every site you sent visitors to from your Affiliate Link had a "buy this or you'll regret it for the rest of your life" sales page. Then you could guarantee a sale every time.

It is an unfortunate fact that many sales are lost because the sales page just does not cut the mustard. Amateurish and just plain rubbish sales pages will stop your buyer in their tracks and you will lose the sale.

Yes there are some good and even great sales pages for Affiliate programs but there are just as many bad ones. And even with the good ones there is a hint of the "Same Old, Same Old" about them.

Affiliate Cloner allows you to deal with both of these problems so that your Affiliate Link becomes a power packed sales machine.

Your ad or your link takes the clicker to the "Killer Sales Page" on your own site. And from there, compelled by your powerful sales copy the buyer gets transported direct to the Order page, bypassing the poor original sales page or the "Same Old, Same Old". And you still get your Affiliate money, and more of it!

Affiliate Weapon 5

There is an Affiliate Goldmine that most Affiliates fail to exploit. But with Affiliate Cloner you can start mining it immediately. Let me explain.

There are many web sites that sell more than one product and yet it is the case, more often than not, that you as an affiliate have no choice other than to send someone via your Affiliate link to just one page on the site.

If you could focus your campaign via an ad or a link to a particular page with a particular product then your focussed selling efforts are guaranteed more sales success. There is nothing that destroys the impetus of your potential buyer more than them being sent to a web site page with links to many other things. They get distracted and you can easily lose the sale.

Directing your buyer straight to a particular product dramatically increases your chances of making the sale and with Affiliate Cloner you can do just that.

For the first time ever it is not just the seller of a product who can decide which pages affiliates can send buyers to. With Affiliate Cloner affiliates also have this freedom of choice.


This is by far the most superior Affiliate Tool I have seen and tested.

Finally, the affiliates will have full control over their promotions !

I heartily recommends this superb tool to my customers and all affiliates !

Adrian Ling

Hi David, you finally did it...

Create an easy to use tool that helps online marketers and affiliates save out on lots of money and frustration.

Even a newbie can use your excellent tools to set up unlimited money-saving links...

You did a great job!


Dirk Dupon

Hey David,

This product is incredible. I wasnt sure what to think of it at first, but I thought why not Ill give it a try Im glad I did!

Its everything you said it would be in the salesletter and much more.
Id recommend Affiliate Cloner to ANYONE promoting an affiliate link for *any* product or service!

Excellent work,

Jason Mangrum, CEO


I've used Affiliate Cloner with numerous affiliate programs and in a number of ways. It has thus far increased my sales by 300% and I'm thrilled.
Before using this product, I didn't really believe a person could make money with affiliate programs.
Truth is, I'd love to keep this product to myself because it definately gives me an unfair advantage over the competition.

I also appreciate your excellent support and the way you run your own affiliate program --- only allowing buyers of the product to be affiliates.

I highly recommend Affiliate Cloner to people who are really serious about making major bucks with affiliate programs.

Best wishes,

Susanna K. Hutcheson

So how much would you be prepared to pay to have all these powerful affiliate weapons at your disposal? Well, the choice is yours. You and a friend could go out tonight and have a meal with a half decent bottle of wine or you could stay in and start using this new and powerful software that will add five power packed weapons to your affiliate armory and guarantee you maximize your affiliate earnings.

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System Requirements to run this software:

  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Web hosting account where you can upload web pages, (HTML files only, even some free hosting services can be used)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products. Try it for a full 30 days and if at any time you're not happy with our product, just email us with your receipt number and we will cheerfully refund you. No questions asked.

P.S Remember that by taking action right now, you could easily get your investment back today with the powerful affiliate tools that this software will provide you with.

To your success,

Grid Marketing


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